First Visit

Choosing to undergo orthodontic treatment for yourself or your child is an investment in the future. Your relationship with an orthodontist is a long lasting one and therefore choosing the “right” orthodontist for your needs is important. We recognize that this is a carefully considered decision and want you to feel comfortable with us prior to any commitment. With this in mind we continue to offer complementary consultations to simply get to know us.

During this initial visit, you and your child will meet with Dr. Greco and discuss such issues as timing of orthodontics, bite considerations, facial contour and jaw relationships. At this time Dr. Greco will also offer treatment recommendations which may range from full braces to simply waiting and see how growth unfolds. Your financial and insurance questions will also be answered. If you decide to proceed with treatment we will schedule you to get started with a complete set of diagnostic records. If the timing is too early we will schedule you for complementary recall appointments usually at six month intervals to monitor jaw growth and dental development.

Until then you can acquaint yourself with our practice through our website. Thank you for the visit!